About us

Who are we: An online reservation agency based in Matanzas, Cuba. Our job is to connect you to the main restaurants in Varadero and manage your online reservation if you need it. We offer additional services: taxi and up-to-date information on the nightlife of Varadero.

Our team: At the moment, we are a small group, so small that we can afford to have breakfast together every Monday. Lizanias, Yasniel, Katia, and me, David.

More than a team, we are a family. After working together for many years in several Varadero hotels, we have decided to join forces and push forward this interesting project.

Lizanias is convinced that serving is a privilege. Her extensive experience as a GO and tour guide makes her an extraordinary communicator; in addition, she knows Varadero better than anyone.

Yasniel has worked almost twenty years in tourism. His emotional intelligence and optimism are the light that guides us all. His motto is: “A sure way to succeed is to double the number of errors”.

Katia is a serious girl, always busy and thoughtful, despite being the youngest member of the group. She loves rock music and hates video games. Her heros are Steve Jobs and Bill Gate. She is one of those happy and scarce beings who love what they do .

David (me): Love good food and believe that helping people find a good place to dine can make a difference.

Our values: Unconditional help and reliability.
Our mission: To connect our customers with the services they need
Our vision: Establishing a long-term relationship with our clients.
Our goal: to be the main touristic facilitator of Cuba
Our value proposition: available 24 / 7, including hollidays

How did DineoutinCuba came about:

About a year ago I went out to dinner with Lizanias, her husband and a group of Canadian friends. We spent almost an hour searching for an available place. It was high season, so all the restaurants in Varadero were full. We ended up waiting outside one of them until a table was emptied and only then, almost at ten o’clock at night, could we get a table.
“Next time we’d better book a table,” said Kyle, one of our Canadian friends, after the waiter informed us regretfully that we could only order three lobsters, because there were no more left.
His girlfriend Monica explained that she had tried to book online but she had not found a single site on the Internet where she could do it. “I searched the pages of some restaurants, and found their phone numbers,” she said. “But I didn’t have time to call from the hotel.”
I could not help feeling guilty that in a town like Varadero, where thousands and thousands of people from all over the world come, it was not possible to make a reservation online.
Two months later, in a casual conversation, Katia, co-founder and current DineoutinCuba‘s web master, mentioned in passing that opening a company online is not as difficult as most people think.
“You just need a good business idea,” she said. “The rest is piece o’cake.”
That night I woke up with a fixed thought hammering my head. In the morning, I went to see Katia and proposed that we work together. Eight months later DineoutinCuba was available on the web.